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Why Choose Lakewood Dental Group?

Friendly Staff

When you choose Lakewood Dental Group, you’re partnering with a highly-trained team who will custom-design your care to deliver the kind of healthy, beautiful smile you truly desire. We’re also open six days a week, and we work with you and insurance, so your care is affordable. If you do not have dental insurance, do not worry, we offer a great in-house dental plan that has fantastic benefits! Whether you’re dealing with tooth loss, dental trauma, or simply want to transform your smile, Dr. Patel and Sigurdson can help you do it, and we know you’ll absolutely love the results.

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Comprehensive Patient Education

At Lakewood Dental Group, we believe that an informed patient is usually a healthy patient, so we always take the time to explain our treatment plans in great detail so that when you come to see us, you can do so with complete confidence. We have advanced digital imaging technology that can literally give you a new perspective on your smile so you can finally see what your dentist is talking about. We’ll help take some of the mystery out of your dental care!

We’ve all had the experience of someone trying to upsell us on something we don’t really need. You should never experience that when going to the dentist! Our Dentists are committed to helping patients understand their dental care so they can decide what works for them, and he’ll never push you to get a treatment you don’t need. Our goal is to improve your oral health and give you a beautiful smile, not simply pad our bottom line.

A Custom Approach to Dentistry

Every smile that walks through our doors is unique, and we believe their dental care should reflect that at every opportunity. Thanks to Dr. Patel & Sigurdson advanced training, They use a wide variety of dental tools to personalize every patient’s treatment plan to meet their specific needs, wants, and goals. We never practice “cookie-cutter” dentistry here, and we know you’ll enjoy the difference from your very first visit.

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