Restorative Dentistry in the Lakewood-Dallas Area

Offering Many Convenient Options for Restoring Your Smile

Cleanings and Fluoride Treatment

hygeniest cleaning patients teeth The cleaning appointment involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the intention of preventing cavities (dental caries), gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Professional dental cleanings remove hardened deposits (calculus) that your toothbrush can’t. Offer placing fluoride varnish on your teeth to prevent them from developing decay.

Tooth Colored Fillings & Dental Bondings

figure of dental fillingTooth colored restorative treatment to restore the function and shape of missing tooth structure resulting from decay or trauma. Composite resin is ideal for repairing chipped or cracked teeth, filling in a tooth gap, correcting dental discoloration, protecting any exposed tooth root from gum recession, or changing the shape of teeth.

Root Canal

figure of dental root canalRoot canal therapy is needed for teeth when decay has reached the nerve in the tooth or if a fracture has exposed the nerve. The procedure involves removing the nerve tissue in the tooth and sealing the space with a filling material. In most cases, a crown is recommended to provide proper structural integrity.

Deep Cleaning and Periodontal Maintanence

dental chair and dentist operatingPlaque and calculus deposits on the tooth surface under the gums create inflammation that cause bone loss. If a tooth loses too much bone support, it will get loose and may have to be removed. A deep cleaning is done to remove the calculus deposits and stop the inflammation and bone loss. Once the gums are healthy, periodontal maintenance cleanings are performed to maintain your stable bone levels.

Night Guards

picture of night guard If you have TMD or pain in your neck or jaw muscles, you may be grinding your teeth at night. We provide night guards for patients to wear when asleep to prevent them from grinding. Night guards are also very beneficial to patients who have several porcelain crowns and want to prolong their lifespan by preventing them from chipping.