Pediatric Dentistry in Dallas-Lakewood

Keeps Growing Smiles Shining

Being able to bring the entire family to one dental office can be a big relief in terms of travel time, cost, and comfort. At Lakewood Dental Group, we take pride in being a family-oriented office that has something for patients of all ages, including children who are just getting started on their oral healthcare journey. We love how they liven up our days! Our team offers a gentle and friendly pediatric approach that is sure to make these early experiences positive. To get started with a first visit, please contact us today here in Dallas, TX.

How Does Kid-Friendly Dentistry Work?

Smiling little girl outdoors Dr. Mihir Patel and Dr. Shaun Sigurdson will always personalize their approach to meet your loved one’s current needs and level of emotional maturity. We’ll start with brief checkups at first for very young patients before gradually integrating cleanings, dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and other beneficial preventive services that will protect and strengthen their developing teeth. Tooth-colored fillings and other restorative options are available as well when needed for comfortable, attractive results that your child won’t even notice.

How Can I Help My Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist’s Office?

Mother giving daughter kiss on cheek Here are some tips for that fateful first appointment:

  • Always speak about the dentist’s office in positive ways to your child. If you feel nervous or afraid, they’re likely to pick up on that!
  • Bring your loved one in for a brief visit during another family member’s appointment so that they can get used to the sights, sounds, and faces of the practice.
  • Let them bring a stuffed animal or another toy that reminds them of home and helps them stay relaxed.
  • Pretend to be a dentist at home! Have them sit back in a chair and pretend to look at their teeth. You can also let them do the same to you so that they see there’s nothing to be afraid of.


Little boy laughing with American flag glasses At Lakewood Dental Group, we love seeing our youngest patients smile. Children have special needs when it comes to dental care, and our team is happy to provide caring, compassionate dentistry for your little one. From their first trip to the dentist to orthodontic evaluations and everything in between, our 5-star rated dentist, Drs. Mihir Patel and Shaun Sigurdson in Dallas are happy to provide pediatric dentistry for those you love most.


We recommend children visit the dentist around the time their first tooth erupts. During this initial appointment, we will discuss good dental hygiene habits. This includes how often to clean their teeth and gums, how to avoid baby bottle tooth decay and other special considerations for your child's smile.

The first dental visit is also important for introducing your child to the dentist's office. Familiarizing them with the sights, smells, sounds, and faces at a young age will make future visits for preventive care much easier. We know your child is just starting the routine of a lifetime of dental hygiene. That's why our experienced staff takes a caring, friendly approach with our youngest patients.


Children are most vulnerable to developing cavities beginning at age six. At that age, your child has more access to candy and sweets away from home, and they are probably brushing their own teeth. That combination allows for the buildup of decay-causing plaque and bacteria which can lead to cavity formation. Fortunately, your dentist can help prevent cavities through the applications of dental sealants.


Dental sealants are thin plastic coverings that are painted directly onto the chewing surface of the molars. This protective layer "seals" out the bacteria and acids that cause cavities in the nooks and crannies of the back teeth. Dental sealants are applied in a quick, painless treatment, dry within minutes, and can provide years of protection against cavities in back teeth.

In addition, your child should have an orthodontic evaluation around age seven or eight. Certain problems with the alignment of teeth, like cross-bite, under-bite, and over-bite, are easiest to fix at an early age. Orthodontic attention in young children can shorten future treatment time, or eliminate the need for braces during teenage years altogether. Our dentists provide orthodontic evaluations and will diagnose and refer problems needing treatment to a trusted local orthodontist. 


Prevention is necessary for smiles of all ages, and it’s perhaps most important for children, who are at an increased risk for cavities. Your child may be reluctant to brush and floss their teeth regularly, but it's crucial that you help them maintain excellent dental hygiene. Habits begun during childhood are likely to continue into adulthood.

If you meet resistance while you're encouraging your child to brush and floss, consider making it a family affair — clean teeth together at night and in the morning. Your little one is more likely to want to clean when he or she sees everyone else doing it, too.


And don't forget to stay on top of their regular checkups and cleanings. When was your child's last visit to the dentist in Dallas? If it's been more than six months, it's time for a check-up. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today!